Brushing your dog

Soft silicone dog brush for grooming dogs, cats and horses.

Why It’s Important to Brush Your Dog

Everyone gets behind on chores, whether it’s washing the dishes, organising the mail, or replying to that text you received four days ago. Brushing your dog is definitely a job you shouldn’t delay

Dogs are not as clean as cats, and they require a bit of assistance to keep their coats looking healthy and shiny. Frequent brushing not only removes excess fur from your dog’s coat, but it also helps stimulate the hair follicles and helps dispense natural oils throughout your dog’s coat. This keeps your dog’s coat feeling soft and looking glossy. The soft silicone brush is comfortable for both the owner to use as it fits snugly over the hand. Your pets will also love the feel of it, the soft bristles gently massage the coat and skin, helping to remove loose hair without being too harsh.

As well as aiding with the appearance of your dog’s coat, brushing is great for keeping an eye on your dog’s health. You will be able to thoroughly check your dog for any tangles, skin rashes and abnormalities, as well as look for pests such as fleas and ticks that you may not have noticed otherwise. You should also check the quality of your dog’s coat and look out for any lumps or grazes. Brushing is an invaluable task for keeping your dog’s health in order. The majority of dogs love to be brushed and petted, so adding brushing to your dog’s weekly check-up can be a great bonding period for you and your dog.

soft silicone dog brush that comfortably fits your hand like a glove.

Coat Types

The type of dog you have affects how frequently you should brush it. Long-haired breeds like Yorkshire Terriers, Bichon Frises, Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, and Border Collies will need regular brushing and trips to the groomers to keep their coats looking good. Pin brushes and Pin Slicker brushes work best for dogs with high maintenance coats as the bristles help untangle mats and knots in the dog’s fur. Short-haired dogs like Greyhounds, Boston Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and Boxers can go longer without brushing. Rubber brushes and De-shedding gloves are a good choice for short-haired breeds as they are softer than pin bristles, and they help with excess fur when used in a circular motion.

Remember, it is still important to frequently check over your dog’s body regardless of what type of coat it has.

Although dogs do a lot to keep their coats neat and clean, they need your help with tasks that require opposable thumbs, such as brushing.

Regular brushing removes excess hair from your dog’s coat, and cuts down significantly on the amount of hair you have to deal with on your furniture, car, and your favorite black pants. It also helps distribute the natural oils in your dog’s fur and skin, keeping her coat healthy and looking its best.

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