Soft Grooming Brush

Soft Grooming BrushSoft Grooming Brush


Treat your pets to a relaxing massage with the soft silicone grooming brush, perfect for dogs, cats, horses. double sided for soothing or hair removal



The soft silicone brush fits comfortably over your hand, turning every stroke into a comforting massage for your pet. Double sided, with different sizes soft teeth, allows you to focus on removing loose hair or just a session of relaxation. After use, the silicone brush can be rinsed to remove any remaining hair and is even OK with hot water to keep it sterile. Grooming is important for both you and your pets for a number of reasons. Although some dogs shed much more than others, brushing can help remove loose fur from any dog. Dogs with double layered thick coats can leave noticably more fur but most Short wiry haired dogs shed it as well. This shed fur ends up all over your furniture, floor and your clothing. Routine brushing will help collect the fur before it makes it to the floor!

Brushing your dog is a good time to do an overall health check on their skin and fur. Signs of pests such as fleas or ticks are easy to spot when the  With routine brushing, you can find fleas before they spread and make your dog miserable with bites and itching. In the case of ticks, finding these quickly during routine brushing can reduce the possibility of contracting something more debilitating such as Lyme Disease, or in extreme cases of tick infestation, anaemia.

While you are brushing your dog, it’s also a good time to check their skin for any cuts or injuries, lumps, unusual lesions or areas of dry skin.

Matted fur attracts dirt, debris and pests. Matted fur can form around bits of twigs, or from lack of brushing, particularly on dogs with long hair. Once mats have formed, they can make it painful for a dog to have their fur brushed.  Trying to brush out a chunk of matted fur can not only pull out the tangled fur but healthy fur as well which can hurt your dog.  Matted fur usually has to be cut off or shaved off. It is better to prevent this extreme measure by keeping your dog’s fur brushed on a regular basis and removing any small matted areas before they require extreme measures.


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