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Canibio Plant Extracts

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Canibio Plant Extracts

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Canibio: the first range of liquid food supplements specially adapted for dogs.

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Liquid Plant Extracts from Canibio.

Our passion: the plant and the animal.

Nature is an open-air laboratory in which, throughout history, men and animals found active remedies to cure their diseases or, at least, to relieve their symptoms.

For several decades, professionals SFAN Laboratories have developed their expertise in herbal medicine by putting their knowledge of the plant and animal welfare to formulate natural products to maintain their health.

Due to their expert knowledge of the plant and an extraction process developed in house, which guarantees the preservation of natural compounds, our experts have come up with effective products adapted to the specific physiological characteristics of your dog .

Like all carnivores, dogs quickly ingests its food and chew very little. Unlike that of humans, dog saliva does not contain digestive enzymes. The process of assimilation begins only in the stomach.

The digestive system of the dog favours the use of proteins and animal fats. It does not produce agents that break down cellulose, the main component of the plant cell wall. Thus the dog will benefit from the components of plants only if it is given in the form of a bioavailable extract in an appetising liquid carrier .

Some key stages of the dog’s life cycle require special attention.

As a puppy, he goes through all the stress of his new environment and the change of living with humans.

As a teenager, he experiences frustration and adaptations . It is the age of education and the first hormonal changes that bring with them behavioural and metabolic effects.

Adulthood passes quickly and then he he is senior. His joints begin to feel the weight of years of running around, his eyes are no longer as sharp as they were and his organs are growing tired.

This is why Canibio exists. You give him the affection he deserves. We provide the boost …

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Anxiety / Behaviour, Digestion, Senior, Skin & Coat


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