Liquid Plant Extracts

Canibio liquid plant extracts for treating digestion, skin & coat, senior dogs and anxiety

The Benefits of Giving Your Dog Liquid Plant Extracts

Plants and herbs can be extremely beneficial for your dogs. For example, plants like Yarrow can really help your dog when it has a cut or wound. Neem helps soothe burns and dry skin. There are lots of herbs that are great for your dogs, but they can be difficult to get your hands on. You probably won’t find Valerian, an extremely effective and natural sedative for dogs, at your average supermarket.

Even though plant extracts sound a bit unnecessary and ludicrous, they can have a lot of health advantages. They can reduce unwanted behaviours in dogs, like stress and anxiety in nervous dogs. They can also be a great supplement to dogs with sensitive guts and an older dog’s diet. Elderly dogs generally have weaker immune systems and are more prone to health issues, so plant extracts can give your dog the boost it needs. In addition to these, plant extracts can be fantastic at keeping your dog’s coat sleek and shiny. If you’re looking for an organic and all-natural approach to combatting some issues your dog has, then plant extracts are worth trying.

Why Liquid Plant Extracts Are Better

Liquid plant extracts are more effective, easier to take, and more quickly digested than capsules. As soon as the liquid extract enters your dog’s mouth, it is instantly absorbed into its bloodstream.

They are easier to give to your dog as you don’t need to force a capsule down its neck. You could mix the extract into some food or a tasty treat, which makes it less likely for your dog to notice the different taste.

Liquid extracts generally have a longer shelf-life than capsules, meaning you’ll be able to keep them much longer.

Different types of herbs can be mixed into the liquid extracts to make a more specialised and customised formula.

Liquid plant extracts are more concentrated, which means you’ll be getting more for your money.

You tend to notice changes in your dog’s body faster than other methods.

Chemeyes offer four different types of liquid plant extracts you can give your dogs. The varieties you can choose from are anxiety/behaviour, digestion, senior, and skin/coat. These plant extracts are completely natural and safe, and depending on which type you pick, have different formulas and benefits. If you have a dog suffering from behavioural, anxiety, abdominal, and coat issues, or your elderly pup needs a bit of a boost, then Chemeyes has you covered.

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