Joint-Able is a chicken flavoured supplement which is formulated specifically for dogs. Even with the comprehensive list of healthy ingredients, its chicken flavour and tough crunch will stop your dog from ever knowing that it’s good for him (or her..)!


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One of the common issues with giving your dogs supplements and medicines is trying to get them to swallow them. Even though Joint-Able contains a comprehensive list of functional, natural ingredients they wont help you if your dog wont eat them! That’s why this  has been developed to be a treat for your dog, and a time saver for you. No more wrapping tablets in bits of cheese and meat!

Joint-Able, A specially formulated chicken flavoured treat for dogs containing:

Glucosamine: 250mg
Chondroitin: 125mg
MSM: 150mg
Green Lipped Mussel: 125mg
Curcumin: 15mg
Bromelain: 10mg
Calcium: 60mg
Vitamin C: 10mg

Use based on your dog’s weight:

0-15kg          1 tablet per day
15-30kg        2 tablets per day
30kg+           3 tablets per day


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