Great Toys for Cats


Good Toys For Cats

Cat condos and toys are just a couple of ideas to keep your cats happy. Cats enjoy play-time just as much as dogs do. Setting time aside to play with your cat is important as it helps burn off excess energy and mental stimulation, which will help reduce boredom-based aggression (and just plain grumpiness). Although your cat probably won’t entertain the idea of playing fetch with you or tug-of-war, there are still a lot of other toys you can provide your cat with. Here are a few toys you should consider getting your cat.

Cat Condos and toys

Cat condos and cat trees are great for cats. With all the different platforms, your cat will be able to run, jump, and scratch like it would outside. They’re a must for indoor cats to help with exercise. Cat condos come in a lot of shapes and sizes so you can find one that suits your living space.

Teaser Toys

Teaser toys have a handle for you to hold and a long piece of rope with a soft toy or feather attached to the end. Cats love these type of toys as it triggers their prey drive. These are great for getting involved with playtime with your cat. Your cat will stalk, pounce and tackle the toy just like it would with a prey animal.

Laser Toys

It would be difficult to find a cat that doesn’t get excited for a laser. Laser pointers are inexpensive and extremely fun for both you and your cat. Your cat will try to chase and “catch” that little dot for an eternity or until you get tired. However, be careful not to shine the laser directly into your cat’s eyes.

Catnip Toys

What’s better than a toy? A Catnip-filled one! Catnip is a completely natural herb that acts as a stimulant when sniffed or a sedative when ingested by cats. Cats are incredibly hyperactive under the effects of catnip, but the effects only last around 10 minutes. Catnip toys are a good addition to any cat’s toy box.

Rattle Toys

Rattle toys or bell toys for cats are what squeaky toys are for dogs. Cat enjoy pouncing and attacking these types of toys as the noise they make triggers their hunting instinct.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are great for cats who enjoy a challenge. They usually involve putting treats inside flaps or maze-like tunnels for your cat to try and retrieve, but there are lots of other different versions to choose from.

Cat Apps and Games

If you have a smartphone or computer, there are a lot of games and apps your cat can play. The majority of these games are free and generally involve mice, insects, and dots that cover the screen for your cat to bat at like a game of whack-a-mole. There are also virtual aquariums for your cats to watch and play with.

Cat Tunnels and Cardboard Boxes

Tunnels are great for cats to explore and run around in. From single tunnels to ones with lots of different tunnels connected together, your cat will have a blast running through them. A cheaper option is to use a cardboard box. Cut out multiple holes in a large cardboard box and turn it upside down for your cat to enjoy.




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