Facebook group – pets with EPI

Facebook EPI group

Trying to keep your pets happy and healthy is not always as straight forward as it may seem. Tapping in to the experience and expertise of other pet owners who may have seen the same issues as you can be a great place to start. A Facebook group can be found for pretty much everything from health issues to employment.

As a small company we recognise the importance of reaching out for support. The UK and EU owners group is perfect for this. All members are owners of dogs and / or cats with pancreatic insufficiency. Their pets are different breeds with a range of foods and enzyme supplements so somebody there will be able to share your experience.

Other then the Facebook group, you can also visit the EPI4DOGS forum which is a great resource. As well as information about food and enzymes you can also see latest research and treatments.

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Facebook EPI group

Facebook EPI group


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