Accessories are often overlooked as an addition to the needs of your dogs and cats. Chemeyes are specialised in producing health products for dogs and cats with a focus on pancreatic enzyme supplement, potassium supplements for dogs and cats. Vitamin B12 with intrinsic factor. Probiotics for dogs. Joint-Able mobility aid which contains glucosamine for dogs, chondroitin for dogs, bromelain, turmeric, MSM, Green lipped mussel. Palmitoylethanolamide which has anti-anxiety and pain relieving benefits.

Our range of accessories for dogs and cats is very new but is growing quickly. We currently offer the Freedom no-pull harness in various sizes and colour. Our soft silicone brush is perfect for keeping the coat of your dogs, cats and horses in lovely shiny condition. After you have fed your dog, sometimes there can be half a tin of food left behind. The tinned food seal is made from flexible silicone and gives an airtight fit to the tin, keeping the food fresh.

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