High Strength Pancreatic EnzymesHigh Strength Pancreatic Enzymes

High Strength Pancreatic Enzyme Powder

The High Strength powder has a higher concentration of pancreatic enzymes (lipase, amylase & protease).

For dogs and cats that suffer with pancreatic insufficiency their digestive enzymes (amylase, lipase & protease) need to be supplemented whenever they eat. Our High Strength Powder has a higher concentration of each enzyme meaning less powder is needed per meal.

Dosage: Your first dose is a starting point. Our initial recommendation is for 0.5 – 1g per 100g of food.
The amount of enzyme you need to use will depend on the individual dog – how big they are and what they eat. Start with the lowest recommended dose and see how it works. Think of it this way: sometimes you have to try rubber balls, sticks and rope toys before figuring out that they like frisbees!
The best way to monitor the dosage is to check the stools, if they are becoming firm then you are nearly there