B12 Intrinsic FactorB12 Intrinsic Factor

Vitamin B12 Intrinsic Factor Capsules

B12 intrinsic factor capsules are an effective alternative to vitamin B12 injections for dogs & cats.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a very common symptom of pancreatic insufficiency. Vitamins are usually absorbed through your dog’s diet but B12 is unusual, needing a special protein called Intrinsic Factor to stick to in order for it to be absorbed. In most dogs with EPI, intrinsic factor is not produced by the body so B12 can’t be absorbed, leading to pernicious anaemia, neurological symptoms and intestinal problems.

B12 injections are necessary to get the vitamin into the bloodstream but as Chemeyes B12 contains Intrinsic Factor this is a great alternative as the B12 can be absorbed through the gut, removing the stress and cost of injections. You can find more information on B12 supplements here